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Travel Impact Model

The Travel Impact Model (TIM) is a state of the art emissions estimation model that is built from public and licensable external datasets, based on the latest science. It aims to provide a single source of truth, as a public good, for calculating and presenting the climate impact of individual flight trips to passengers.

About the model

The model combines flight origin and destination, aircraft type, cabin class and seat configuration, load factors and average aircraft utilization to estimate CO2 emissions for each flight (per seat/passenger). The methodology output is free and available publicly via an API. More granular methodology and API access details can be found here.

Model principles


The Travel Impact Model is administered by Google and overseen by an independent Advisory Committee that consists of world-leading experts on sustainability and aviation from industry, academia, policy and NGOs. The Advisory Committee is accompanied by a Secretariat that provides technical expertise based on scientific evidence. The Advisory Committee together with the Secretariat ensures that the Travel Impact Model continues to evolve as a public good, and future development of the model is executed with high rigor, integrity, speed and according to the latest science.


Dr. Dan Rutherford
Aviation Program Director
International Council on Clean Transportation

Advisory committee members

Jill Blickstein
Vice President, Sustainability
American Airlines
Tim Johnson
Aviation Environment Federation
Jane Ashton
Sustainability Director
Achilleas Achilleos *
Strategic Programme Officer
European Union Aviation Safety Agency
Kevin Welsh *
Executive Director, Environment & Energy
Federal Aviation Administration
Dr. Marc Stettler
Reader in Transport and Environment
Imperial College London
Caroline Drischel
Head of Corporate Responsibility
Lufthansa Group
Prof. Steven Barrett
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Andrew Chen
Principal, Aviation Decarbonization
Rocky Mountain Institute
Sally Davey
Chief Executive Officer

* Non-voting observer